• Deploys in Minutes

    CLEER Insight SaaS natively integrates seamlessly to the customer's SOC and M365 via API

  • No Risk to Production Systems

    Integration is Read Only with no risk to production systems and completely out of band

  • Default Audit Mode Incident Manager - No Risk PoC

    Once data starts to flow CLEER Insight's Incident Manager starts to automate SOC investigation by automatically and continuously generate incidents. During a POC those are left in audit mode so customer can review how much workload would have been saved in their SOC.

Why CLEER Security

“Whether in a hybrid SOC or fully managed SOC, we still need to analyze alerts which can be tedious as most alerts do not lead to an actual incident”
CISO, services industry

“Operational efficiency in the SOC is a major expense and challenge to us, seeing how CLEER Security is able to help reduce the impact is a necessity with today’s complex threat landscape.”
CTO, Major US University

“Having contextual visibility to alerts while addressing some of our current gaps is what we liked about the CLEER Security solution. We strongly believe that the right approach is that social engineered attacks are hard to predict and control and the human factor puts cybersecurity at risk.”
CISO, Healthcare UK

CLEER Security Overview

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We help Increase SOC Efficiency and Productivity impacted by an escalating increase of alerts and tools

Bringing a new threat signal to the security operations center with contextual awareness

Our Story

After listening to customer feedback and insight for many years as to the biggest challenges cyber security practitioners experience, seasoned veterans in the cyber security industry have launched a mission and solution to meet these challenges with an innovative, unique approach.

CLEER Security not only identifies and remediates real threats that slip through other solutions, but more importantly, with our patent pending automated multi-alert analysis we are able to bring to the forefront the highest priority threats in minutes.

Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback

News and Articles

News and Articles

Design Partnership Successfully Completed

CLEER Security has successfully completed its first design partnership program.

The early access program allowed for several hand picked organizations representing the . . . 

Robert Munne has joined as a Board Advisor

Robert Munne has joined CLEER Security Inc. as a Board Advisor. Robert brings an incredible amount of operational experience in scaling companies.


Myrna Soto has joined as a Senior Board Advisor

Myrna Soto joined CLEER Security Inc. as a Sr. Board Advisor. Myrna brings an incredible amount of market experience, industry knowledge, and forward thinking in Cybersecurity and innovation