CLEER Security Solution - Increasing SOC Effectiveness

CLEER Security SaaS solution scans and detects a unique Human Signal extracted from multiple sources using its detection engines.
Using native Cloud API, CLEER collects data around how users are targeted whether inside the network or outside, from there the CLEER Incident Manager correlates security alerts triggered by the existing security tools to automate the incident creation. Response is then automatically generated through this automation CLEER is able to reduce the workload from the SOC.

Focusing only on the incident that target humans the system is able to validate which security alerts require immediate remediation and automate the response by feeding back the IOC data to the customer’s SOAR. 

The Modern SOC before and after CLEER Security

Most Cyber Security Operation Centers today are network-centric, fragmented, disparate and are minimally effective on their own. The related alerts associated with siloed solutions inundates the Security Operations Center and Security Analysts with an abundance of unmanageable bits of data that require manual investigation. This time consuming effort is a constant battle of determining real threats versus non-threatening events or false positives.


Human Signal is Key

The modern threat landscape and attacks have morphed from System Centric oriented to People Centric. A vast majority of threats originate as email- targeting users no matter where they work from, bypassing traditional defenses and tools, as these legacy tools are system centric.

*IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022



Staff is stretched to its limit 

Alert Fatigue – SOC can’t keep up with existing workload leading to business impact and increasing risk.

Limited visibility – Today’s SOC is network-centric while most attacks targeting People.
(* 82% DBIR 2022).

Talent Crisis – Currently 714,000 and trending toward 1M 

CLEER Security Solution

CLEER Security’s SaaS solution sits behind the existing defenses to detect missed threats in real-time leveraging cloud native APIs to add the missing user centric awareness of an attack.

Our Unique focus is on an automated Multi-Alert analysis correlating this new “signal” with existing alerts from existing security tools.

Actionable results are created to provide a customized disposition for immediate remediation.