Inclusion & Diversity

We Welcome Inclusion and Diversity

Innovation flourishes in an environment where everyone has a voice and equal opportunity to make a difference.

We believe an inclusive and diverse culture is a vital part of helping us solve the toughest cybersecurity challenges.

Current and future employees and customers should know that CLEER Security strives to be a company where everyone is welcomed and respected, and all voices are heard and valued.

An inclusive and diverse culture is vital to the continued growth of our company. It’s no secret that there is a visible lack of diversity across the tech industry, and this reality is even more pronounced in cybersecurity. It’s clear from the data that, as a company and as an industry, we must do better to reflect the world in which we live. We believe CLEER Security should do our part on inclusion and diversity. We are committed to tackling this opportunity by expanding our inclusion and diversity initiatives and publicly sharing our workforce diversity data as we grow our workforce and corporate ecosystem. Prioritizing inclusion and diversity is simply the right thing to do. A diverse and inclusive workforce allows everyone to be their authentic self, belong, connect, realize individual potential, and thrive as part of a team. This focus is critical to solve the complicated, fast moving challenges of the digital age. It is also core to the future success of our company and the continued growth of our business.