Industry Feedback

“CLEER Security provides a platform to improve SOC productivity” 

Jim Routh – Cybersecurity Leader

Former CISO: MassMutual,Aetna,DTCC,American Express. 
Former Global Head of Application,Mobile and Internet Security, JP Morgan Chase. Board Member: FS-ISAC, Health ISAC

“One of the largest cost items for any cyber security program is the security operations and monitoring function for the enterprises. Running multiple shifts and developing the talent necessary for any enterprise (large,medium,small) is a significant financial challenge. I’m a big believer in using SOC as a talent engine for the cyber security program by giving SOC analysts the opportunity to learn additional and better skills and avoid frustration of being usable to handle the hundreds or thousands of daily alerts. Providing SOC analysts with better tools to fulfill there requirements while making it easier to complete analysis provides a compelling business case for any security program. Higher productivity for SOC analysts as a result of better actionable information for them provides economic value to the enterprise while also enabling professional development opportunities for them to grow into other functions within the cyber programs. It’s an essential component  for enterprise cyber resilience. CLEER Security, with there unique approach of a multi alert automated threat analysis, is the only tool I know of that achieves this goal.”