Automating Security Operation

CLEER Security’s SaaS Solution helps reduce the ever growing burden on security teams that need to keep up with their threat landscape in a timely manner.

The Human Signal engine allows to automate and create order in otherwise chaotic information.

CLEER Security helps overcome the two factors security teams have limited control over: Time and Staff to security alerts ratio.

User Centric Detection and Response

Immediate Threat Visibility

CLEER’s Threat Graph technology provides a unique view to how employees are targeted. Continuous Intel gathering in real time in addition to agentless metadata ingestion from other security tools produces vivid understanding of the threat’s forensics.

Detection & Analysis
On-Demand Deep detection on past suspicious activity while performing analytics on metadata ingested from your other security tools

Response Automation

Policy based automated rules to trigger remediation and notification. Integration with existing playbooks for consistency and optimization of all available resources.
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Continuous Security Assessment

CLEER’s audit mode enables organizations to run an assessment within hours.

The metadata ingest done via API is seamless, integration allowing to continuously assess weak areas without having to deploy intrusive agents.

Unlike traditional security tools, CLEER audits how employees are targeted whether inside or outside the network.

Multi Vector Threat Detection

CLEER’s multi vector detection exposes how your organization is being targeted at the department and individual level. This granularity drives making the needed security policy adjustments to protect weak areas in the organization.

The multi-dimensional vectors include traffic from and to the internet, internal traffic,suspicious activity reported by users and retro detection of dormant threats. This is then combined with threat metadata coming from the other tools in the organizations being put within the threat context on all above risk vectors.​By focusing on vectors that are permanently or temporarily missed by all other tools,CLEER automatically and continuously detects and measure risk against mitigation process. This help understand how the organization is viewed externally by bad actors as well as provides unique visibility and detection to the Insider Threat.

Threat Hunting

Real-Time and post delivery detection generates unique threat intelligence making hunting more effective with the added contextual signal.

IOC based graphical search engine allows to trace the threat path and navigate within the threat. This unique capability connects data points that otherwise would have been hard to uncover. Internet threat turning into an insider attack when related to each other are shown graphically with access to the full forensics gather continuously and automatically.

Threat data is separated by its flow, timeline and whether data is gathered in real-time or from a targeted on-demand deep scan.


Financial institution relieves SOC anxiety and reduces adversaries’ dwell time.


Detect and Respond to suspicious alerts preventing potential data breach


Optimize and prevent effort duplication in the SOC by using a single platform to perform threat intel gathering, forensics and setting an effective responseCybercrime To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025 (CYBERCRIME Magazine Jan 2021)


Enhance and improve security services to MSSP's managed customers. Adding value to the MSSP by utilizing an innovative solution while reducing cost of services delivery.