Veterans Belong at CLEER Security

At CLEER Security, our values of disruption, execution, collaboration, integrity and inclusion guide everything we do to protect our way of life. Those values are deeply held principles of the women and men who have proudly represented our Armed Services.

Veterans’ leadership, adaptability, problem-solving, teamwork and commitment help drive our customers to a better future. Veterans found a new mission in cybersecurity, shifting from battlefields to the latest, most demanding threat of our time.

Our culture starts with our board members and executives, and continues into our recruiting teams, with every individual committed to hiring and developing veterans across every business function.

We pledge to make CLEER Security a place where veterans will feel home and work toward our shared mission, making organizations and their people more safe around the world.

We Welcome Military Vets

“As a veteran of IDF and as a proud American citizen who served in the first gulf war , I have deep and personal regard for those who serve in the military.

I come from a military family from my grandfather to my mother who served in the Israeli Intelligence while my father was a fighter jet pilot.

Throughout the years in cybersecurity I’ve worked with many veterans who share a mission centric success.  The veteran’s traits are great fit to our cybersecurity startup culture to always find a way to achieve the mission’s objective no matter what stands in the way.

Persistency, integrity, teamwork and discipline are some of the great virtues gained in the service that are great assets to achieving career goals.”

Alon Bender, CEO & Founder

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